//Deepen the Conversation

Deepen the Conversation

After you have answered the question of what you want to do succinctly and in a way that provokes curiosity and interest, you can expand upon what you do in more detail. Online you have multiple media in all different formats to expand upon what you do. You can also move interested prospects into webinars, Facetime or Skype video, or even meet them offline.

The key is to be producing content in multiple formats consistently. This content can then be shared after an initial conversation to increase the prospect’s knowledge about your business. Because people absorb information differently, have your business information and brand story in multiple formats. This information can come in many forms:

  • White papers or case studies in PDF format
  • Customer testimonials
  • A list of customer Tweets and endorsements in the form of a blog entry
  • Podcasts (downloadable MP3/audio files)
  • Product or service demonstrations in video format
  • In-depth downloadable digital brochures for people who like detail
  • Brief 200-word pages, blog posts, or downloadable sheets for people who like the big picture
  • Live chat with you or your customer service team
  • Forums and Facebook pages for customers and prospects to share information about you

Power marketers know that their business idea and value must be easy to understand. They also know that not all people learn the same way so they provide information in multiple formats from multiple perspectives, which help tell their brand story.